Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about our events!

Hypnosis... is it real?

Yes!  Hypnosis is well documented and real.  Your brain is  very powerful!  While your conscious mind can hold small bits of information, your unconscious mind, holds millions of bits of information per second.  This is the part of your mind that enables hypnoic suggestions to become reality!  For people looking to make changes in their life this is very powerful!  On stage we are able to give temporary suggestions for the volunteers to have lots of fun!  For more information on how hypnosis can help change your life please contact us!     

Can people get stuck in hypnosis?

No not at all!  This is a common myth about hypnosis.  Movies and Tv shows have lead people to believe this but that is done for dramatic movie style.

Is your show family friendly?

Yes!  My show can play in all venues for all ages!  Our philosophy is why be an entertainer if you limit who you can entertain.

Do You Have Insurance?

Yes! My first concern is the safety of the people attending my show. We carry full insurance so clients and guests can rest easy!  We have never had any issues and have never needed this insurance but always have it!  The ecology of my audience is a top priority to me and my staff! For any questions please feel free to reach out to us!  

What is the cost of your comedy hypnosis show?

The cost of the show varies based on venue and show style.  Please contact us so we can give you more information on how we can bring your next event to life!

How long is your show?

The normal length of the show runs from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the client requests.  Feel free to contact us to discuss more about our shows.

What venues can you work?

I perform in venues of all shapes and sizes!  I will make my show fit your unique venue.  As an entertainer I have performed in front of crowds as large as 3k people or as small as 100!  Some examples of venues I perform in but not limited to are High Schools, Colleges, Cruise Ships, Corporate functions, and much more!  To speak more about your event please feel free to contact us!

How can we promote the show?

Yes!  Promoting the show is a great idea! We will provide you with flyers, posters, and other marketing print outs to promote the show or fundraiser!  Hypnosis shows are a great form of entertainment and you will want to get the word out about the show!  Its always a good idea to inform people about a hypnosis show because it helps build the excitement.  The psychological principles of anticipation and expectation make the show even better!  Contact us for marketing materials for your event!

Still have questions?

Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at info@parkerhypnosis.com  or call us at 800.210.1322

Ready to laugh for days?

Impress clients, raise money, or leave your guests laughing for days!  No matter what you are searching for our comedy hypnosis shows are a perfect fit!

Parker Hypnosis

William Parker dazzles on stage with his interactive comedy hypnosis!  Parker Hypnosis also offers an array of services for corporations and individuals including but not limited to seminars, consulting, sales trainings, sports performance, and much more. 

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