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High School Fundraisers

We love working with schools to help them raise the money that they need! Is your school looking for a great way to engage students while also raising money? Our hypnosis shows do just that. They entertain AND help you raise the money you need— in just one night! The best news? Their is zero cost for you. Contact us to get started raising money for your school today! 

College Fundraisers

Colleges are always looking for great ways to raise funds. Regardless of whether it’s a two-year school or a four-year school, our hypnosis shows are a great fit! Parker Hypnosis shows are an excellent way to entertain your students, staff, and parents, and make them even more excited about what your school has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you raise the money you need for your college! 

School Club Fundraisers

Parker Hypnosis often gets questions about how our shows can help clubs raise money for their various needs. The great news is that we can mold our show to fit any fundraiser! We have done fundraising shows for club trips, new equipment, new uniforms, and much more! Often, we can help you raise the money you need in just one day. Contact us for more information on our school club fundraising shows.

Charity Fundraisers

Many charities are always looking for great ways to maximize the amount of money they can raise. Parker Hypnosis is always happy to work with various charities and provide amazing entertainment with our hypnosis shows. Our shows are a great way to reach your goals in a fun and entertaining way. Contact us to book a charity show today! 

organization fundraisers

Parker Hypnosis understands that companies are always looking for ways to increase community awareness. That’s where we come in. Parker Hypnosis puts on shows that help entertain guests and clients, while also continuing to build your company. Our show is perfect for any type of community activities. Contact us for more information!

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Parker Hypnosis

William Parker dazzles on stage with his interactive comedy hypnosis!  Parker Hypnosis also offers an array of services for corporations and individuals including but not limited to seminars, consulting, sales trainings, sports performance, and much more. 

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